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My inspiration

My inspiration for the digital works is in limited resources.
One would think that for somebody who comes from a limited resources background (I was born and raised in Russia), unlimited anything would be more desirable. For some odd reason limiting myself brings out the best of the artist in me. When working with digital images, I start with a simple shot. The composition is a key; exposure and aperture do not matter much. Unlike many artists who work
with digital media, and use the best Photoshop has to offer, I impose strict
limitations on my work: only work with one layer, no cutting, no pasting.
What I shot is what I have.

The pencil drawings are philosophical illustration if you please. I look for ways to
mesmerize one’s eye, and puzzle one’s mind, and strive to create an image you can gaze upon in a moment of reflection; an image that will allow you to find new detail every time you look at it; easy to concentrate on while gathering your thoughts, and yet easy on the eye for times of rest. 
So, open your eyes and mind, and enjoy what I call accelerated reality. 




Artfully yours,

Anna Maly

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About the artist

Anna was born and raised in Moscow, Russia, the regime insisted all be alike, sing the same songs, wear the same school uniform, and buy the same furniture.
People were not allowed to be unique, stand out, and express themselves. Suppressing one’s artistic abilities was common. 

Talented artists were often reduced to painting portraits of the Leaders and various Communist party or war heroism scenes.

 By the mid-1980s, it became OK to be an abstract artist but Anna had already lost all the interest she had… until she moved to the US. She is very happy to be able to spread her wings and share her art.

“Summersnow in Moscow”

A book by Anna Maly providing an insider’s view of the Soviet Union in the 1970’s


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